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Maryam de Bruijn - Azimi MSc. is a certified Coach and Mindfulness trainer, an experienced Management Consultant, experiential expert, a student of "A Course in Miracles" and a citizen of the world. She lives with her husband in Amsterdam. She was born in Tehran, Iran.

Maryam knows radical changes like no other. At young age she fled alone from Iran due to government repression in search of her freedom as a human being. In her search for freedom, security and peace, she has lived in various countries, Sweden, the Netherlands, USA and then the Netherlands again. After many years in a solid position as a management consultant, she quit her job. She sought out who she really is and what she really wants, not what others wanted her to be. It was time to face her own fears, getting out of the emotional flattening, soften, follow her own intuition, and come into her own strength.

A process in which suffered emotional trauma and limiting beliefs that no longer serve are released layer by layer. Maryam is open to the mysteries and opportunities of life. She continues to believe and trust that answers will come in the midst of our daily challenges. She walks her own path, guided by her inner strength to realize her purpose, to balance and free herself from the illusion that fear brings. It helps to breathe a healthier life, being open to new possibilities, living with inner peace, experience abundance and joy.

Maryam feels privileged to be able to fully follow her soul's purpose. Her mission is to help humankind by experience to realize that purity of its own inner being and to free itself from its own ballast for security, inner peace and inner strength.