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Mariam knows radical changes and traumas like no other, because she has also shaped her life journey and she has learned to deal with it. At a young age she fled Iran alone in search of her freedom as a woman.

Mariam's mission is to help others in their quest for personal healing and to take control in overcoming traumatic experiences. A process to achieve inner peace and strength, so that emotional traumas and limiting beliefs are released layer by layer. She also has a lot of expertise in the field of intercultural issues.

Mariam is distinguished by her warm, compassionate personality and rich, diverse experience. This allows her to create a safe place to feel, express and process emotions, so that they can be released. This creates space to bloom and grow again.

She has a master's degree in Culture, Organization and Management and has worked for many years as a management consultant. She is also a certified Coach, Mindfulness trainer and certified energetic therapist. As a result, she is optimally able to use her experiences and knowledge in the personal guidance of her clients. Because everyone has their own story.

Mariam walks her own path as a devoted Raja Yogi and follows the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, where the individual is central. She guides people to security and safety of their own inner peace and strength.

She feels privileged to be able to fully follow the life purpose of her soul. She wants to help her fellow human beings to find the key to the inner self, to let go of their own ballast and to experience inner peace, strength and joy.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

-Eleanor Roosevelt