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How often do you find yourself wandering in your mind? Then when you think about things, a mind-boggling jigsaw puzzle unfolds, with many pieces that never seem to belong together. You think that you are in control, that you can control the situation in your own way. You want to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to get out of it, so that you still feel like you're in control. Not being able to place and understand something makes you tense and nervous and you feel powerless.

When your head and heart are well aligned, you can put things in perspective for yourself. At that moment a natural energy flow is released, whereby wisdom and answers unfold for you automatically. You are then a source of peace and security, clarity, and harmony. You then live in the here and now.

A session of Spiritual Counseling helps you to find the answers within yourself and thus become your own beacon of peace and knowledge. You will be helped to discover the solution that works best for you. It helps you to gain clarity about issues that you have been running into for some time. During the session you will receive targeted energetic support that helps you to examine your issue and get a fresh look at its solution. You also get simple and practical tools that match your issue. These tools help you to work with positive energy on the solution of your personal issue and contribute to improving the quality of your life in the long term.

When Spiritual Counseling?

You benefit from Spiritual Counseling when:

  • you notice that your energy is not flowing properly, is blocked in certain areas and hinders you from letting go of habitual patterns.
  • you are looking for a new perspective in which you want to take personal responsibility for your life and no longer look outside yourself,
  • you are ready for more profound personal change and want to take the next step in your life to grow spiritually.


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